Setting Up A Game

If you check any tech blog, you’re bound to find that one of the most crucial things you need to learn is how to set up a game. You can think of it this way. You’re given a task by your boss, and he has told you that everything is now up to you. Of course, with such a daunting responsibility, it’s easy to see how you will probably get intimidated by it all. When it comes to Dungeons and Dragons, however, all you have to know are a few key points about setting up a game, and you’re all set. If you pay enough attention, it’ll eventually feel like an Amsterdam holiday.

Guidelines for Setting Up A Game


You need the right materials to set up your game.

Guideline #1:

Join a game. This is, of course, not rocket science. It’s actually pretty basic. If you are less socially apt than average, this can seem daunting but ultimately can be a great way for you to make new friends. You can search local forums, ask around at cons, or inquire or advertise at your local game shop. Many universities and colleges, as well as some high schools, will also have clubs.

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons

Guideline #2:

Learn to organize your own game. You need to increase your social skills for this one, as well. This takes a little more work on your part. You can advertise in many of the same locations described above or recruit friends, family, or coworkers to play with you. You can share ideas on your own blog.

Guideline #3:

Designate a Dungeon Master (DM).If you are the one organizing the game, this will likely be you. The DM should have a strong knowledge of the rules, or at least be willing to learn and run the game. They will want to do a little bit of preparation of an adventure before the first session. You can get items online to help you on upgrade your quest. You can use this Kortingscode voor HP to save on your next purchase.

Guideline #4:

Find a place to play. No-brainer, right? Typically this involves a table with some chairs around it, and is usually at the DM’s house/apartment (not for any real good reason, that just seems to be how it pans out). This should preferably be somewhere without distractions such as the TV or other folks who won’t be playing. There are probably great tables and chairs in online shops like Lazada and Zalora. You can save 10 euro using spartoo kortingscode if you use it when you purchase online.